Welcome to the Nulli Secundi Sea Explorer Unit

The Unit was initially formed in October 2009 to allow members of the partnered Scout Troop to continue in the theme of Sea Scouting and allowing them to gain further experience of Scouting as a whole, to achieve higher level of awards such as the Diamond and Platinum Chief Scouts Awards.

We also offer the Explorer Scouts the opportunity in working towards their Duke of Edinburgh’s Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards. This in turn will lead them towards them gaining their Queen Scout Award which is the highest award a Scout can obtain, which shows commitment, dedication, teamwork and leadership skills.

The Explorers can belong to more than just one explorer unit and as we are part of a District there is also the main District Explorer Unit and the Explorer Scout Young Leaders Section which also offer the 14 to 18 year olds the chance of leaning new skills and achievements.

Whilst you are with our Explorer Unit you will be offered the vast array of activities which are not only just water based but land based as well. You will be given the chance to go off camping in green fields, hiking, climbing, go-karting, backwards cooking, pioneering, sailing, power boating, canoeing, kayaking, bell boating etc….

You will have the opportunity whilst being with us, in gaining other external qualifications such as BCU Awards and RYA Sailing and Power Boating Awards.

The Group is running a weekly sailing meeting again this summer with the Scouts / Explorers.  If interested, please see Rod.


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