Thank you – from the Lilley Family

As Dave is unable to thank you himself, I, together with our three sons, Paul, Noel and Owen, would like to thank all those people who gave so generously in Dave’s memory, towards the 2nd St Ives Sea Scouts’ Raise the Roof Fund. The building of a new hut for his Scout Group was very dear to Dave’s heart and the completion of this hut was his main objective for the long-term future of his Group.

Dave was very proud of his family – our sons, Paul, Noel and Owen, our daughters-in-law, Caroline, Sam and Holly and our grandchildren, Victoria, Isaac, Noah, Libby and Oscar, not forgetting his favourite golden retriever, Woody – and enjoyed spending time with them, laughing with them and cooking and baking with and for them and we all miss him every single day. He had taken our grandchildren canoeing for the first time in 2011 and he was delighted when they enjoyed it so much. He was also very proud of his Scout Group and of the achievements of all the young people in the Group.

We, in turn, are very proud to be Dave’s family and proud of Dave’s achievements in Scouting and are therefore pleased to continue helping towards his ambition of a new hut. At the moment, the amount of money raised in his memory is just over £2,500 and he would be extremely grateful to you all for that. We look forward to the day when we can attend the opening of Dave’s new hut and, while we know it won’t be as quick as he would like, we will continue to support the fund raising until the target is achieved.

With heartfelt thanks

Marjorie Lilley